271 Punta del Este

Villa in Punta del Este, Uruguay

271 Punta del Este
271 Punta del Este
271 Punta del Este
271 Punta del Este
271 Punta del Este

271 Punta del Este

  • title Residenz El Arroyito
  • client Private
  • location Punta del Este, Uruguay
  • size ca. 1.600 m² GFA
  • time period 2015
  • types of assignment Final design
  • status proposal
  • photographer -
  • budget ca. 5 500 000 €(net)
  • category

The residence above Laguna del Sauce brings nature into the atrium of a grand villa. One’s gaze drifts from the transparently designed house and outdoor pool at the front down to the sea.


Residence El Arroyito


In an interplay of architecture and landscape, the private residence El Arroyito meanders on a slight incline above the Laguna del Sauce. Thanks to the spectacular topography ten metres above sea level, with its curved shape the villa in Punta del Este in Uruguay enjoys a magnificent 360-degree all-round view to the outside. The design objective was to draw the delightful natural environment, the sea and park with partial vine cultivation into the round atrium. The transparently designed house and outdoor pool, visible through a glass wall on the face side, provide unimpeded views of the lagoon and far into the park landscape. The owner’s private quarters and the guest house are cleverly arranged on 1,200 square metres of living space.

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