285 Stadler Neuss

Eco-friendly mobility

285 Stadler Neuss
285 Stadler Neuss
285 Stadler Neuss
285 Stadler Neuss
285 Stadler Neuss

285 Stadler Neuss

  • title Stadler Neuss
  • client Stadler GmbH
  • location Neuss
  • size ca. 12.000 m² GFA
  • time period -
  • types of assignment Preliminary design
  • status In progress
  • photographer -
  • budget ca. 13.600.000,00€ (net)
  • category

A space of 11,000 square metres is to be erected for the display, storage and sale of bicycles. The design for a warehouse construction complete with climbing plants features ingenious façade sections with soft curves, the shape of which was assumed from the world of bicycles.


Stadler Zweirad-Center in Neuss


The site to be developed in Neuss borders on a piece of woodland and lies in close proximity to an industrial zone. Large-scale development in this location required compliance with special urban planning guidelines, to be formulated in an expertise. A new retail complex at this location had to satisfy special ecological requirements. As a representative of eco-friendly mobility, a “two-wheel centre” achieves a fine balance between ecological ambition and industrial use.


The chosen design concept calls for a classical, insulated hall construction with a sales and storage area of 11,000 square metres. Its façades are completely covered with greenery, suspended on a lattice construction with spacing of one-and-a-half metres from the actual building structure. Depending on the season, a composition of evergreen plants and annual climbers results in a vividly coloured façade. The curved outlines of the uncovered façade areas for access and the admission of daylight are befitting for the world of bicycles.

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