287 Heidestrasse 5

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287 Heidestrasse 5
287 Heidestrasse 5
287 Heidestrasse 5
287 Heidestrasse 5

287 Heidestrasse 5

  • title Studio
  • client private
  • location Berlin Wannsee
  • size ca. 85m² LS
  • time period 2018
  • types of assignment Commission, Full mission Interior design, Furniture
  • status finalized
  • photographer Denis Esakov
  • budget ca. 220.000,00 € (net)
  • category

In Berlin’s Wannsee district, an apartment from the 1970s has been completely modernized and elegantly appointed. High-grade materials and customized installations give the small apartment a contemporary look and cosy atmosphere.


Refurbished apartment at Heidestraße 5


A modest, approx. 70 square metre apartment dating from the 1970s has been given an extensive face-lift with customized installations and refurbished for contemporary living. The high-quality interior design of the small Wannsee apartment included a reconfigured room layout, a new bathroom shape and the integration of a kitchen into the living area. White marble with black grain, glass and stainless steel are the imposing materials used in the bathroom. Bath and kitchen fittings were designed in wenge, a distinctive dark wood. The working surface of the kitchen unit, seamlessly integrated into the living area, and its rear wall are marble-faced analogous to the bath.


Ceiling-high white doors, continuous light limed Douglas fir panels at floor level and carefully selected, precisely placed fittings characterize the elegant refurbishment and give the fully upgraded apartment a generous feel.

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