292 Hindenburgring

Family office in Duderstadt

292 Hindenburgring

292 Hindenburgring

  • title family office
  • client private
  • location Duderstadt
  • size ca. 1.500 m² BGF
  • time period -
  • types of assignment commission, full mission, interior design
  • status in progress
  • photographer -
  • budget -
  • category

Steel, glass and minimalist architectural language in combination with dematerialized details: the family office in a residential street has a prestigious appeal without dominating the neighbourhood.


Workspace on Hindenburgring


A further office building has been proposed for the Ottobock Holding within walking distance of the new Max-Näder House with Ottobock Archive on Hindenburgring in Duderstadt. The holding company that manages the private partnership shares in the global market leader in the health care sector for the Näder family needs additional space at the headquarters of Ottobock for conferences, lectures and exhibitions.


In a former residential street in the newly designated mixed-used zone, the scale of the modern family office is oriented to the existing villa buildings. With 900 square metres of usable space in several vertically arranged elements, the size and eaves height of the building conform to urban planning specifications.


At its base the façade, partly clad with metal panels, complements the nearby Max-Näder House and leads through a roofed-over, transparent entry area to a generously-dimensioned foyer. The site slopes on the rear side, enabling the lower floor to be completely opened to the park. The largely glazed ground floor is set back and permits all-round circulation. Due to this clever trick, the building tract opposite appears to “float”. This floor is glazed on two sides to the street and park. The huge subdivided glazed surfaces, completely without reveals, are only bordered by narrow façade panels on the edges of the building. The top floor is designed as a recessed penthouse with its own terrace level.


Steel, glass, minimalist architectural language combined with dematerialized details creates a representative impression, but is not overdimensioned. In the interior a sculptural steel string stair with clamped treads leads from one gallery level to the other. Besides the visible steel structure, ancillary rooms are integrated into wood-panelled installations.

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