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Whether it is corporate architecture for a representative office in the capital, a hotel skyscraper in Brooklyn, a spectacular residence in Uruguay or the transformation of an historic building in Prenzlauer Berg, the strong aspiration to create something special always leads Gnädinger Architects to exemplary and eye-catching solutions. They are only limited by the respective location and the specific assignment, in interplay the wishes of the property developer and his budget. Their core competency is manifested in the broad portfolio. Lofts within old walls, villas in Grunewald, large and small cultural buildings, individual single-family dwellings in the surrounding area, the careful modernization of old housing or urban infill with extensive residential and commercial complexes – Gnädinger Architects always conceive, plan and implement projects to a high standard of design, function and structural engineering. A team consisting of young visionaries and experienced foxes creates sustainable architecture that refuses to submit to uniformity and makes a lasting impact. Participation in competitions often results in the realization of elaborately detailed structures with a clear appeal.


Architecture is seen as a thought process that is more than merely the realization of finished buildings. We take a holistic approach to the location and character of a project. The spaces we create are living environments that meet the needs of users and residents. This we achieve with a high degree of professionalism and an approach that takes all areas of construction seriously. Our daily task is to reconcile design and impact, building specifications, quality and sustainability with the economic reality of private and public developers. We always endeavour to take a forward-looking and inspired approach, while giving special attention to clear and timeless design.



Rolf Gnädinger

Free Architect
Member of the Berlin Chamber of Architects
  • 2014 Following regional, national and international projects
  • 2013 Founding of the construction management company
  • 2008 Project development for the refurbishment of old buildings
  • 2007 Moscow office
  • 2006 Otto Bock Science Centre
  • 2004 BDA Prize
  • 1999 Name change to Gnädinger Architects, Berlin
  • 1998 BDA Prize, Bodensee District
  • 1996 Founding of Gnädinger & Haack Architects office, Berlin
  • 1994 Project management Checkpoint Charlie
  • 1993–96 Employee in the office of Prof. Kraemer, Sieverts & Partner, KSP Frankfurt and Berlin
  • 1992 Employee in the office of Michael Weindel Architects, Karlsruhe
  • 1986-92 Architectural studies in Karlsruhe, Diploma
  • 1966 Born in Singen am Hohentwiel
Dipl.Ing. Alexander Papadimitriou
M.Arch. Sebastian Ehrhardt
M.Arch. Carlotta Biolcati Rinaldi
Dipl.Ing. Alexander Huston
M.Arch. Johan Rey
M. Arch. Andrea Andrich
M. Design Nilra Zoraloglu
Anastasia Stryc

Previous Employees

Unser team kommt au der ersten Generation desdigitalen Zeitalters. Wir brechen mit alten Strukturen, denn fur uns ist Architektur mehr als strategishes Add-on der Zukunft.

  • Camila Acevedo
  • Kristina Banjac
  • Steffen Becker
  • Saba Barani
  • Hilal Bartl
  • Günter Bialas
  • Senka Causevic
  • Gianluca Carlesso
  • Martin Chmilecki
  • Christoph Claus
  • Albert Cols
  • Martina Cozzolino-Ksoll
  • Alyona Derzhylova
  • Jelena Despotovic
  • Babette Drilling
  • Sama Fraij
  • Katharina Gahl
  • Karin Hirschmiller
  • Matthias Hoefker
  • Moshe Katz
  • Hana Kevilj
  • Maria Koch
  • Volker Lavid
  • Piotr Lutek
  • Bertrand Malpel
  • Arusyak Manvelyan
  • Thomas Miller
  • Lada Mitkovets
  • Aleksandra Mrowca
  • Aristea Mylopoulou
  • Abraham Ornelas
  • Giorgia Portolan
  • Aleksandra Prodanov
  • Falk Schönlebe
  • Kerstin Scheller
  • Karsten Schulz
  • Tim Shapkin
  • Anchi Stoyanova
  • Wan Talib
  • Olaf Turck


Bei uns gibt es viele unterschiedliche Menschen. Unser gemeinsames Ziel: Wir wollen großartige Arbeit leisten und uns gegenseitig unterstützen.