301 Berlinerstrasse 129

Rehabilitation Centre Pankow

301 Berlinerstrasse 129
301 Berlinerstrasse 129
301 Berlinerstrasse 129
301 Berlinerstrasse 129
301 Berlinerstrasse 129
301 Berlinerstrasse 129

301 Berlinerstrasse 129

  • title Reha-Forum Pankow
  • client Brandenburgklinik Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH
  • location Berlin Pankow
  • size NFL 4096m²
  • time period Building permission application
  • types of assignment ca. 2020
  • status Completed
  • budget ca. 12 400 000 € (net)
  • category

A rehabilitation day clinic with twelve residential units is planned in a central location in the Berlin district of Pankow. Residential as well as commercial and therapeutic use are spread over a six-storey front building and a two-storey shed.


Day Clinic Berliner Straße 129


The need for outpatient therapeutic facilities is great in the densely populated district of Pankow. The private investor is planning a medical therapy centre with a day clinic at a conveniently located site, in the immediate vicinity of the Pankow S + U railway station, which will include an administration and conference area in addition to treatment and recreation rooms.

The inner-city facility will focus on the treatment of a wide range of symptoms. The integration of commercial enterprises and the construction of twelve apartments is also planned. The various functions are distributed over a main building facing Berliner Straße, which opens onto the busy residential street. The whole property will be built over with a basement. There, various therapy options with a broad spectrum, including rehabilitation sports, swimming pool and wellness, are offered for commercial use. The ground floor of the front building allows a barrier-free reception with a central entrance area and foyer. It also integrates the kitchen area for the patient restaurant, seminar areas and rooms for day patients. Two further upper floors are designed as treatment, staff and administration rooms. The twelve residential units are arranged on the three upper floors. Additional treatment rooms are accommodated in the remise.

The rehabilitation centre with day care is an outpatient therapy facility that fits directly into the street. Its outer shape is matched to the urban situation with contemporary architecture. Transparency on the ground floor and a recessed roof level with an open space in front make the therapy centre look like a modern residential building with an appealingly inviting exterior. This avoids fear of contact between patients and residents. The private investor, a medium-sized entrepreneurial family, has already built up various rehabilitation clinics throughout Germany, such as the Brandenburg-Klinik Bernau, which specialises in psychosomatics, orthopaedics, cardiology and geriatrics. The planned rehab day clinic is to blend into the urban space with ease and elegance. In this way the medical facility can act as a starter project for the further development of the quarter.

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